TVLowCost’s small brand “Fight Back” continues against …

11 02 2014

Punch 2 … EXCESSIVE TV Production Costs!

Left hookFightBack1

We’ve all had enough of recession but as we head for better times, small-budget brands particularly need to punch hugely above weight. When the UK’s average Shoot-only cost for 1×30″ TV brand commercial across 50,000 commercials in 2012/13 was a heady £187k, it’s no wonder most write TV off as excessively expensive. Even though offline TV remains by far the most Impactful and Persuasive medium, with ROI beyond all others. And it’s the only medium the all-important Trade respect. And want.

TVLowCost has pioneered the UK’s best Value All-in TV Packages for all such small-budget but deserving brands – starting at £160k but with its special £225k Pack proven at all levels. Consistently delivering net extra business results “well beyond best expectations”, it continues to impress the likes of Milton, Primula and Sudocrem through to Cadbury and Muller, Novartis, Sanofi, Typhoo and Dairy Crest. And our average of 4 TV commercials within our fixed-price £64k Shoots even more so; in other hands these campaigns would cost £250k+. As a full-service but specialist TV ad agency, our £225k Pack takes any brand from blank-sheet through to airdate, including full project management, strategy, briefings, creative ideas, Clearcast, Group Discussions and on to TV Shoot/running costs, a pre- and post-Tracking Study … AND a fully-tailored National TV Schedule. Remarkable value, particularly when handled by a tight team of 30+ year veterans too. We also provide tangible but low-cost online/digital Packs too. Complementary offline TV and online campaigns work at least 50% harder too when run together [Thinkbox].

Call Andrew Mitchell on 020 8847 3776 or 07989 839927, or email him at . Our web at is well worth a cup of coffee too.

The 2014 “FIGHT BACK by small-budget brands” begins …

29 01 2014

We’ve all had enough of this RECESSION and green shoots ARE there so …


ACTION NOW because … the recession now needs to be kicked into touch. Suppressed consumer spending matched by lower marcoms investment in brand-building … Brand awareness figures declining within ever-aggressive competitive scenarios … Consumers faced with too many alternatives for their money … And where relevant, self-serving Retailers obsessed with lowest prices in their Trade Wars – all paid for by brands [you]. Catch 22s aplenty. Sound familiar?

BUT … those green shoots are indeed real and marketers must now grab the opportunity and F-I-G-H-T  B-A-C-K, especially if budgets remain small. The race is on and a New Year here. The first mission: RE-BUILD BRAND AWARENESS.

Solution … to re-building Awareness and profile? There is still no better, faster, higher impact way back than TV, even in today’s social/digital world. Bar none. And digital works so much better on TV’s coat-tails anyway. But TV is hideously expensive, right? No longer. TVLowCost has pioneered the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages starting from £160k. Top quality but “low-cost”. Yet complete: from blank-sheet to air-date in 8 weeks. We also offer “low-cost” online/digital Packs as well through DigiLowCost. Together with TVLowCost, we represent the best of Televvision today. And with consistent and remarkable results well beyond best expectations, as witnessed by Cadbury, Sanofi, Novartis, Typhoo, Dairy Crest through to Primula, Milton, Sudocrem and dozens of others.

Visit and call Andrew Mitchell on 020 8847 3776 or 07989 839927. Spare an hout for a robust, results-orientated PP; time well-spent, be assured. Nothing to lose. Is your small-budget but deserving brand getting its best support coming out of recession?

Companies must re-invest in their brands coming out of recession – via TV advertising and TVLowCost.

11 11 2013

Recession and unparalleled inter-Trade price wars have Marketing on its knees. BRAND-BUILDING has been relegated by Trade leverage to damaging SHORT-TERMISM today … everything being judged on short-term Sales. Everything at lowest possible price.

And most brands have been burned by their Trade …


Today, as we crawl out of recession, Clients must re-invest back into their brands and re-build strong Brand Equities – those quality values and imagery that set theirs apart, and made them well worth paying extra for. But to a large extent these past 5 years, Marketing has let its brands down, yielding to the harsh pressures of Trade leverage and manipulation. Not too surprising however when 80% of all Food, Drink and Healthcare go through the Big 6 Retailers – their power has rocketed and manufacturers paid the price with reduced margins and ‘GBH’ through Distribution and other threats.

TV advertising has to be the best, fastest and most cost-effective way back for such brands. Ten reasons to consider:

1. Recession and Trade power have forced short-termism on brands at every marketing level. Manufacturer margins worst state ever.

2. Vital role of brand-building relegated, replaced by costly lowest pricing. New generation of shoppers buy only on promotions.

3. Brands must brand-build again post-recession and add value back. Brand equities need re-igniting – and prices rebalanced by VFM.

4. Small-budget brands both deserve and need TV to re-build consumer equities and stay in Distribution. BUT TV hideously expensive, right?

5. TVLowCost has bravely pioneered UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packs. High quality but low-cost TV run by 30yr+ veterans. TV now affordable.

6. £225k complete Package valued at £1m. £64k fixed-price Shoots for 4 commercials worth £250k vs Industry £168k average for 1×30″.

7. Trade ONLY loves TV, even today. No other media delivers Impact and Persuasion like TV, enabling brands to change up a gear.

8. Results averages consistent and remarkable for small spends: Sales lifts +29%. Distribution gains between +25-52%. Win Win.

9. TVLowCost’s track record for re-igniting small-budget brands – often declining and losing Distribution – unparalleled. Strong Launches too.

10. Nestle, Muller, Novartis, Typhoo, Sanofi, Dairy Crest – even globals use TVLowCost for their small-spenders, avoiding hi-cost agencies.

If you have a small-budget brand needing re-igniting, give me – Andrew Mitchell – a call on 02088473776, or 08989 839927 or email:

Thanks, Andrew Mitchell, MD TVLowCost Ltd.

Brands from small Companies deserve TV too …

10 06 2013

… and many would benefit from it. Right Now.


TVLowCost has made top quality TV advertising AFFORDABLE. At last.

With recent TV campaigns on-air for some global blue chip Companies including Cadbury Mousse, FryLight for Dairy Crest, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Novartis, Sanofi and others, small Companies should take huge comfort because their own small budget secondary brands CAN benefit too.

When the UK Shoot-only average cost for 1×30″ TV brand commercial in 2011/12 across 50,000 commercials was a heady £168k, TVLowCost delivers an average 4 top quality commercials for £64k. Remarkable. And all within an equally remarkable £225k All-in TV Package that includes Strategy and Briefing, full project management, Creative ideas, Group Discussions to check them out, full TV Shoot, Clearcast, a pre- and post Omnibus Tracking Study … AND a fully-tailored national TV Schedule. and on-air 8-10 weeks from agreed Brief.

Far too many smaller Challenger Brands are spending £200k, £300k even up to £500k on impotent Print, Radio and other Offline  media – complemented [only sometimes] with Digital and social media. None of these medium have remotely the Impact and punch of TV advertising on their own. And too many such brands are housed at high-cost large ad agencies – total mis-fits – with most of their limited funds going in expensive fees. Ouch. Still today, most Clients don’t believe that top quality TV advertising IS affordable … but only in the right hands.

Our TV is so affordable, that parallel Digital/Social campaigns can also be afforded alongside. 2+2=6, in our view.

And Results? Another remarkable average for TVLowCost after 7 years:


Do your brand a favour and call Andrew Mitchell on 02088473776, or 07989 839927. Or email: . Nothing to lose.

OTT TV production costs are still Clients’ real angst …

29 01 2013


… TVLowCost’s very raison d’etre.

TRUTH … too many Clients are exasperated by unfathomably high production costs for TV commercials. Not the infrequent block-busters but for more modest affairs. Smaller Clients take fright, avoid TV altogether and then waste their precious funds on lesser media – treading water at best. All frustrating when even in today’s amazing media world, ONLY TV enables a brand to ‘change up a gear’. For sheer Impact and Persuasion – Consumer and Trade – NOTHING beats TV. Still. Affordability being the only issue.

And big Clients? They express concerns, grit teeth and go through vacuous agency rationales on cost estimates before time beats them, and then they reluctantly agree [having raided the media budget]. Various excesses remaining unexplained. Too often the norm with high-cost, self-serving ad agencies. When the UK’s Shoot-only cost for 1×30″ in 2011 across 50,000 brand commercials was £168k [ouch], we know Clients spending £250k+ and up to £450k even. But stepping back objectively, rarely worth it.

£TVLowCost has pioneered the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages for small-budget but deseving Challenger Brands. Our  £225k Package includes full Management, Creative, Group Discussions to check out Ideas, Shoot/Edits, Clearcast, plus a tailored National TV Schedule … and an Ipsos pre- and post-tracker. We average 4 creative, top quality commercials within this with a fixed-price Shoot at a remarkable £64k, And all handled by a tight team of 30+ year veterans. See … and ‘Campaigns’. Clients include Nestle, Dairy Crest, Sanofi, Novartis, Typhoo, Campbell’s, Milton, Sudocrem, Ecover and many others.

Do your deserving brand a favour … and call me on 02088473776 or email me at to see our robust presentation. With stunning business results included. We’ll demonstrate how we deliver seemingly the impossible – a complete TV Campaign on-air for £225k and 8 weeks from agreed Brief too. We’ll also introduce you to DIGILOWCOST too, with its new low-cost Onlike Packs. Nothing to lose.

Andrew Mitchell
Managing Director

TVLowCost’s Award Winning low-cost Offline … expands to include low-cost Online Packs too. DIGILOWCOST …

16 10 2012

TVLowCost maximises IMPACT and ROI from small budgets.

25 09 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

There are thousands of well known, perhaps even iconic, old but small budget brands out there – too many in decline and at worst facing oblivion. Now up-age in profile and appeal, weakening Distribution threatens. With the continued recession and inevitable cuts to marketing budgets the very real challenge is: How do you maximise impact from a smaller spend?

You may think TV is beyond reach for small-budget brands/projects but 7 years ago TVLowCost pioneered an All-in but low-cost approach which has benefitted many brands hugely. We punch 4x above weight via savings and sheer know-how, and consistently deliver results beyond best expectations for even the largest global Clients – like Nestle, Novartis, Typhoo and Dairy Crest – with their own small budget brands. You may also think that TV is not appropriate for your brand. However, latest analysis by Thinkbox of 3,000 ad campaigns across 9 sectors between 2006-2011 on a like-for-like basis with 5 forms of advertising [TV, radio, press, online static display and outdoor] prove interesting. Result? TV advertising is 2.5 times more effective at creating sales uplift than the next best performing medium.

Our low-cost All-in packages start at £160k but our most proven package is £225K. Remarkably, this includes top to bottom Project Management, Planning and Briefing, full Creative, Clearcast, Group Discussions to check out Ideas, full TV Shoot [average 4 commercials]… plus a fully tailored National TV Schedule and then a pre- and post-Omnibus Tracking Study. And all run by 30+ year brand and advertising veterans. On air 8 weeks from Brief.

We have slashed the cost of top quality TV production by well over 100%. When the average UK Shoot-only cost for 1×30″ is a heady £168k, our fixed price Shoot for £64k – but 4 commercials – is remarkable. And our costs for all other inclusions are cut to the bone too. We have at last made TV affordable.

Don’t take our word for it – see our range of Campaigns completed for other Clients. Side-stepping their usual ‘high-cost’ ad agency rosters, they have all benefitted significantly. And all from small spends. Our unique low-cost approach is working brilliantly – be that re-igniting older brands in decline or igniting NPD launches.

If you are looking at getting More for Less from your decreasing marketing budget then spare me an hour for a robust results-focussed presentation demonstrating just how we deliver seemingly the impossible: a complete TV Campaign for only £225k. Be grateful for a response by email or on 020 8847 3776 or 07989 839927. Thanks and best wishes.

Managing Director

OTT TV Production costs are still Clients’ real angst – TVLowCost’s raison d’etre.

14 08 2012

Truth is: too many Clients are still exasperated by unfathomably high costs – and we are not talking for the blockbuster TV commercials either. Smaller Clients naturally take fright so stay away, and make do with lesser media. Result? Their brands usually get nowhere and simply tread water. Real shame. And lots of precious resources get wasted meantime – because only TV enables a brand to ‘change up a gear’. Both with Consumers and the all-important Trade.  Even today, TV reigns tops for Impact and sheer Persusion.

And big Clients?

They express concerns, then argue and go through a reasoning process – usually ending up with a better picture but still with unexplained excesses. And time then runs out, right?

The UK average Shoot-only cost for 1×30″ brand commercial in 2010 across 50,000 commercials was … a heady £168k. True. The bigger Clients in the bigger high-cost agencies will see £250k+. A recent Client of TVLowCost’s had recently paid £450k each for their last two. And I know which they were … and they were not remotely worth it. Neither delivered either. Ouch.

All this is just why TVLowCost has pioneered the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages – the most proven being £225k. This includes full management, creative, Group Discussions to check out the Ideas, Shoot, Edits, Clearcast, a fully tailored National TV Plan … and a pre- and post Ipsos Tracking Study. Remarkable value … AND we consistently deliver results well beyond best expectations. For who? From small brands in small Companies like Milton, Primula, Sudocrem … through to smaller Challenger Brands but, flatteringly, from the huge global Companies too. Once iconic brands like Rolo from Nestle, Mudd Facial Masks from Sanofi, Eurax Cream from Novartis, Typhoo Tea from Appeejay … and latest FRijj Milkshakes for Dairy Crest. Serious proof that we can deliver great results from highly creative but gtangible low-cost TV advertising. That’s what we do, single-mindedly, with a tight Team of 30+ year veterans.

And TVLowCost’s pricing for TV commercials? Within that £225k All-in Pack, a fixed £64k … for an average 4 TV commercials. Usually 2×20″ and 2×10″. Check our web – – under ‘Campaigns’. And think again with your own brand needs in 2012/13. Give me a call on 07989 839927 or . Andrew Mitchell.

Your brand on TV this Sept … after the Footy, Wimbledon and Olympics …

9 06 2012

… BUT we won’t break your budget.

With this Summer’s hectic European Football, Wimbledon and Olympics over by end-August, get your deserving brand back on track this Sept/Oct with a full and compelling National TV campaign in the run-up to Christmas. £225k All-in. And enjoy results well beyond best expectations: we average +29% Sales.

TVLowCost is a specialist TV ad agency with a unique low-cost ethos. Unlike traditional high-cost agencies, we use our decades of experience to cut out excesses and self-serving high margins. We have found smart ways to deliver top quality creative Ideas without compromising production quality. And so at last make TV advertising affordable. We RE-IGNITE old brands and IGNITE new product launches – but on small budgets.

Our fixed-price All-in TV Packages are just that – All-in. Offering unbeatable value, they deliver way more Impact than any other medium, won’t blow your budget, and hold no nasty surprises. Our £225k Pack equates to £1m value the way we plan and spend it. Our many success stories include Milton, Sudocrem and Primula through to Mudd for Sanofi,Eurax for Novartis, Rolo for Nestle and Typhoo. See our Campaigns on where our 4 commercials average cost £64k only – remarkable value when the UK’s average Shoot-only cost for 1×30″ brand commercial is £168k. Online too, our new DIGILOWCOST Packs offer the UK’s best value, again on a low-cost basis.

We have a robust, results-orientated presentation on just how we deliver seemingly the impossible. Email me at or call 020 8847 3776. Nothing to lose. Thanks, Andrew Mitchell, MD.

Affordable TV advertising for small-budget brands? A NO-BRAINER with TVLowCost …

11 03 2012

With 3 remarkable hi-value but “low-cost” Offline TV Packs, TVLowCost has now launched into ONLINE with a variety of “low-cost” Video and a full online menu. Welcome to our brand new TELEWWWISION concept …  check us out at or email me, Andrew, at …