OTT TV production costs are still Clients’ real angst …

29 01 2013


… TVLowCost’s very raison d’etre.

TRUTH … too many Clients are exasperated by unfathomably high production costs for TV commercials. Not the infrequent block-busters but for more modest affairs. Smaller Clients take fright, avoid TV altogether and then waste their precious funds on lesser media – treading water at best. All frustrating when even in today’s amazing media world, ONLY TV enables a brand to ‘change up a gear’. For sheer Impact and Persuasion – Consumer and Trade – NOTHING beats TV. Still. Affordability being the only issue.

And big Clients? They express concerns, grit teeth and go through vacuous agency rationales on cost estimates before time beats them, and then they reluctantly agree [having raided the media budget]. Various excesses remaining unexplained. Too often the norm with high-cost, self-serving ad agencies. When the UK’s Shoot-only cost for 1×30″ in 2011 across 50,000 brand commercials was £168k [ouch], we know Clients spending £250k+ and up to £450k even. But stepping back objectively, rarely worth it.

£TVLowCost has pioneered the UK’s Best Value All-in TV Packages for small-budget but deseving Challenger Brands. Our  £225k Package includes full Management, Creative, Group Discussions to check out Ideas, Shoot/Edits, Clearcast, plus a tailored National TV Schedule … and an Ipsos pre- and post-tracker. We average 4 creative, top quality commercials within this with a fixed-price Shoot at a remarkable £64k, And all handled by a tight team of 30+ year veterans. See … and ‘Campaigns’. Clients include Nestle, Dairy Crest, Sanofi, Novartis, Typhoo, Campbell’s, Milton, Sudocrem, Ecover and many others.

Do your deserving brand a favour … and call me on 02088473776 or email me at to see our robust presentation. With stunning business results included. We’ll demonstrate how we deliver seemingly the impossible – a complete TV Campaign on-air for £225k and 8 weeks from agreed Brief too. We’ll also introduce you to DIGILOWCOST too, with its new low-cost Onlike Packs. Nothing to lose.

Andrew Mitchell
Managing Director




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