Brands from small Companies deserve TV too …

10 06 2013

… and many would benefit from it. Right Now.


TVLowCost has made top quality TV advertising AFFORDABLE. At last.

With recent TV campaigns on-air for some global blue chip Companies including Cadbury Mousse, FryLight for Dairy Crest, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Novartis, Sanofi and others, small Companies should take huge comfort because their own small budget secondary brands CAN benefit too.

When the UK Shoot-only average cost for 1×30″ TV brand commercial in 2011/12 across 50,000 commercials was a heady £168k, TVLowCost delivers an average 4 top quality commercials for £64k. Remarkable. And all within an equally remarkable £225k All-in TV Package that includes Strategy and Briefing, full project management, Creative ideas, Group Discussions to check them out, full TV Shoot, Clearcast, a pre- and post Omnibus Tracking Study … AND a fully-tailored national TV Schedule. and on-air 8-10 weeks from agreed Brief.

Far too many smaller Challenger Brands are spending £200k, £300k even up to £500k on impotent Print, Radio and other Offline  media – complemented [only sometimes] with Digital and social media. None of these medium have remotely the Impact and punch of TV advertising on their own. And too many such brands are housed at high-cost large ad agencies – total mis-fits – with most of their limited funds going in expensive fees. Ouch. Still today, most Clients don’t believe that top quality TV advertising IS affordable … but only in the right hands.

Our TV is so affordable, that parallel Digital/Social campaigns can also be afforded alongside. 2+2=6, in our view.

And Results? Another remarkable average for TVLowCost after 7 years:


Do your brand a favour and call Andrew Mitchell on 02088473776, or 07989 839927. Or email: . Nothing to lose.




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